Best Of The Media Buzz Meter: Republicans Vow Payback After Steve Bannon Indictment
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This ‘Media Buzz Meter’ first aired on November 15th, 2021 ... Howie Kurtz on the GOP warning Democrats of payback after Steve Bannon indictment, Vice President Kamala Harris getting sidelined amid dwindling support from Biden and Republicans holding largest midterm edge in forty years.
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Howie Kurtz on the possibility of Donald Trump running for president in 2024, the British government going forward with a pro-Russian leader in Ukraine, and the Arizona Democratic party censuring Senator Kyrsten Sinema for the voting rights failure. Follow Howie on Twitter: @HowardKurtz For...
Published 01/24/22
Howie Kurtz on President Biden making an international gaffe with his comments on Ukraine, 'Build Back Better' not living up to the 'New Deal' and Donald Trump saying feud with Governor DeSantis is 'fake news'.
Published 01/21/22
Published 01/21/22