Precision Livestock Farming
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Producing pigs more sustainably can be achieved in many ways. Precision Livestock Farming (PLF) is one of them - after all, with technology it is often possible to determine at very detailed level what certain pigs need in terms of feed, temperature, ventilation or medication. By applying a targeted treatment, better results can be achieved with minimum input. The guest in this 3rd episode of Meet the Expert is Prof Dr Daniël Berckmans, of Leuven KU in Belgium, who is well-known for his attempts to make PLF more applicable in livestock production.
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The word “sustainability” doesn’t need any introduction – trying to do more with less is on everybody’s mind. Making that happening, however, is easier said than done. During his many years at R&D with animal nutrition company Nutreco as well as in his role as professor at Wageningen...
Published 09/12/22
Published 09/12/22
In this episode we are going to further explore the topic of Precision Livestock Farming, as we are about to look into a very practical application with regard to pig health: early warning systems, like the Soundtalks cough monitor. Featuring in this episode is Dr Amanda Sponheim, part of the US...
Published 09/02/22