This One Goes Out To Hans Klok
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Welcome to Episode Four of Mel Giedroyc Is Quilting! Andy and Mel make more patches for their growing quilt, with some brushed cotton left over from the quilt that listener Annette made for her first grandchild and a section of velvet from Mel’s greatest sporting achievement. We also find out Mel’s celebrity crush, what’s going to happen to Andy’s man bag and have a good old sing song. Needles at the ready gang – we are quilting!   Mel needs your material! Add to our quilt by sending your fabric and stories to:   Quilting,  Somethin’ Else,  20-26 Brunswick Place,  London N16DZ   Follow us on Instagram @MelGQuilting.   A Somethin’ Else Production.   For information regarding your data privacy, visit
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Published 10/27/20
Published 10/27/20
It's the grand finale of Series One and Mel and Andy get serious about Quilt Con with M.Q.G heavy hitter Heather Kinion all the way from Chicago. Needles at the ready gang – we are quilting! *COVID-19* : Quilters! Rest assured we are still quilting in isolation but for now please don't send...
Published 05/14/20