Music that Inspires David Mack to Write. I am joined by New York Times Best-Selling author David Mack to discuss the music that inspired Mack in writing certain elements of the Star Trek: Vanguard series of novels.
Published 01/21/20
Star Trek: The Motion Picture's 40th Anniversary. Brandon-Shea Mutala is joined by Neil Shurley to discuss the score to the first Star Trek film. In addition to the main bookend hosts, we have 14 additional guests comment on the music and the film itself.
Published 12/06/19
James Horner's score for Aliens. We are joined by Carl Wonders to discuss James Horner's Academy Award nominated score to the 1986 film Aliens. We talk about working with director James Cameron, self plagiarism, chopping up the score, and Die Hard.
Published 06/15/19
Star Trek: Dark Remnant with Matthew Carl Earl. We are joined by Matthew Carl Earl, composer for Star Trek: Dark Remnant to discuss the new VR experience. We also discuss working in the video game world, Giacchino's inspiring music, the sound design, and some of Matthew's other composing works.
Published 05/12/19
"Desert Crossing" With Jim Moorhouse. We are joined by Jim Moorhouse of the Trek Ranks podcast to discuss the score to the episode "Desert Crossing" from the first season of Enterprise. We talk about composer Velton Ray Bunch, how the music fits the episode, the tone of the score, and choosing this score as the theme for Moorehouse's podcast.
Published 05/05/19
5 Favorites with C Bryan Jones. We are joined by the founder of the Trek FM network, Christopher Jones (for his first appearance on the show) to discuss his five favorite Star Trek score tracks in this special milestone episode. We also discuss Chris' history with music, Wil Wheaton's new polka album, and peak Star Trek.
Published 04/28/19
Five Favorites with Zach Moore. We talk about Zach's five favorite tracks from the score to Star Trek III: The Search For Spock, composed by James Horner. We also discuss why this is his favorite Trek film, and, as always, we have a few tangents along the way.
Published 04/05/19
Charles-Henri Avelange Interview. We interview composer Charles-Henri Avelange and discuss growing up in a castle, writing a score in five hours, composing theme songs, the status of film scoring, his passion project of creating the Star trek: Voyager theme song on the now discontinued minimoog voyager synthesizer.
Published 03/17/19
The Musical Era of "Far Beyond the Stars." We are joined by Andy Farber to discuss the music of the early 1950's, which was the era of the acclaimed Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Far Beyond the Stars." We talk about different styles of music, artists that Benny Russel name drops in the episode, the charts, source music, and the score.
Published 03/04/19
When the Train Stops. We are joined by James Kerwin, Mike Avenaim, and Rekha Sharma to discuss the score to the short film When the Train Stops. They talk about the sarangi, what they feel this instrument represents, recording sessions, teachers and father figures, and some of the challenges in distribution of a short film.
Published 12/22/18
"Code of Honor." I am joined by trombonist Lance Laster to discuss the episode and the music of the first season Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Code of Honor."
Published 11/27/18
Cliff Eidelman Interview. We are joined by Cliff Eidelman to discuss his career as a composer. We talk about his new works that were inspired by art, working with the Londonand Munich Symphony Orchestras, his vocal album, and getting the job as the composer for Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.
Published 10/14/18
Nicholas Meyer Interview. We are joined by Nicholas Meyer, writer and director of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, to talk about film composing from a director's perspective. We talk about temp scores, favorite scores, Bernard Herrmann, and we also discuss his friendship with James Horner.
Published 10/07/18
"11001001" with Brian McVickar. We are joined by Brian McVickar, host of A Score to Settle, to discuss the music of the first season Next Generation episode "11001001."
Published 09/30/18
James Horner's Clear and Present Danger. We are joined by film score expert John Takis to discuss James Horner's score to the 1994 film Clear and Present Danger.
Published 09/02/18
Star Trek Beyond at the Albert Hall. We are joined by Tony Robinson, host of Continuing Mission, to discuss the showing of the film Star Trek Beyond at the Royal Albert Hall, with the score provided by a live symphony.
Published 08/20/18
Dennis McCarthy Interview. Brandon-Shea Mutala has an in depth discussion with Dennis McCarthy, the person who has composed the most Star Trek episodes and films. We talk about getting into the business, working with Kevin Kiner, as well as his extensive career composing for Star Trek.
Published 07/08/18
Remembering Harlan Ellison's "The City on the Edge of Forever." We take a look at the score to the episode that many fans consider to be the best episode of the original Star Trek.
Published 07/01/18
Jeff Russo Interview. We talk to the two-time Grammy Award nominee and Emmy Award-winning composer about his work on the first season of Star Trek: Discovery and the progression of his music career.
Published 06/24/18
Restarting the music. A temporal intervention by associate producer Tony Robinson stops Brandon Shea-Mutala from ending Melodic Treks in November 2017.
Published 06/17/18
Jefferson Russo and Erich Kunzel. Your hosts discuss several projects in the career of Jefferson Russo, the new composer for Star Trek: Discovery.
Published 11/12/17
The Music of Star Trek: Voyager. We take a look at the new 4-Disc Star Trek: Voyager soundtrack release from La La Land Records.
Published 09/20/17
Matthew Hightshoe Interview.     In the eighties and nineties, buying a soundtrack usually meant an album full of hit songs that were used in a film, and every once in a while, you would get a track or two of the score included. Some labels would release an album of only score music, but. due to the costs involved with licensing the music, these albums would usually be 30 minutes in length. Over the last two decades, many new film labels have emerged and begun to release rare scores, and...
Published 07/16/17
The Songs of Leonard Nimoy.     Many Star Trek actors have expanded their talents to include other areas of artistic exploration. Some have tried their hand at directing or photography. Some have gone on to write, and some have gone on to to take a stab at a singing career. Leonard Nimoy was one of the Trek celebrities to attempt the musical arts and, in fact, released five separate albums of music. In this episode of Melodic Treks, host Brandon-Shea Mutala is joined by Tony Robinson to...
Published 07/02/17