Published 08/13/14
Rog and Davo welcome back the Premier League with 10 questions, and talk with their World Cup hero Mexico manager Miguel Herrera.
Published 08/13/14
Rog and Davo travel to Portland for a special MLS All-Star Week show. Guests include DeAndre Yedlin, Alex Morgan and Clint Dempsey.
Published 08/05/14
Rog and Davo discuss European clubs' American summer tours and transfer window winners and losers. Plus, an interview with Man City and NYCFC CEO Ferran Soriano.
Published 07/31/14
Rog and Davo, back from Rio, reflect upon Germany's triumph, elect their Men of the Tournament, and reminisce on their personal highlights from Brazil 2014.
Published 07/14/14
Rog and Davo celebrate/mourn the U.S. after its World Cup ouster and break down the quarterfinals live from Rio.
Published 07/03/14
Rog and Davo discuss a U.S. draw that feels like a loss, fix everything that is wrong with English soccer, and talk Miguel Herrera and CONCACAF thunder.
Published 06/23/14
Rog and Davo mourn England's insipid campaign, discuss the end of Spain's reign, marvel at the Von Trapps' win, and ask if soccer has gotten too big in the U.S.
Published 06/19/14
Rog and Davo report in from the Crap Part of Rio to mourn England, celebrate the United States, and wonder about small bananas.
Published 06/16/14
Rog and Davo talk USA, England, and shed tears for Frank Lampard in Limbo, then complete their Grantland World Cup Previews.
Published 06/04/14
Live from Broadway, MiB celebrate US National Teams past and present. Among the epic guests: Lalas, Ley, Meola, Sir Ian Darke, Kyle Beckerman and Judah Friedlander.
Published 06/02/14
Rog and Davo discuss Landon Donovan's omission from the U.S. World Cup team and preview a few tournament favorites.
Published 05/29/14
Rog and Davo celebrate a rare, happy day for Arsenal. Leyton Orient chairman and pod legend Barry Hearn dispenses wisdom.
Published 05/21/14
Rog & Davo present the audio version of the first five Men in Blazers World Cup Previews, covering the mighty Von Trapps, Ingerland, Spain, Argentina, and host nation Brazil.
Published 05/15/14
The gents struggle to undrop their jaws after a weekend of action in which Liverpool scored three goals too early. The spectacular Sir Patrick Stewart guests.
Published 05/07/14
Rog and Davo mourn the passing of David Moyes, "Dare to Jozy," and welcome their hero, Landon Donovan.
Published 04/23/14
Rog and Davo revel in the emotional magic of Liverpool-Manchester City. Haim jump on board for the MiB Passover special.
Published 04/15/14
Live from Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport, Rog and Davo are stunned by Everton's second wind, Arsenal's impotency, and USA 2-Mexico 2.
Published 04/08/14
Rog and Davo walk into a punch they did not see coming as Crystal Palace stun Chelsea to let Liverpool go top. Trail Blazer Nicolas Batum talks PSG.
Published 04/01/14
The gents' jaws drop as Chelsea humiliate Arsene Wenger in his thousandth game. Pioneering coach Bob Bradley guests.
Published 03/25/14
Rog and Davo marvel at Manchester United's capitulation to Liverpool, salivate over Julian Green, and welcome Tim Cahill to the pod.
Published 03/19/14
The gents celebrate Wigan shocking Manchester City again and launch a search for a U.S. World Cup song. Nerdfighter John Green returns to guest.
Published 03/12/14
Roger Bennett interviews Jurgen Klinsmann live onstage at SXSW Sports. An Englishman and a German bond over their shared passion for American Soccer.
Published 03/11/14
Rog reports from Cyprus to talk about Manchester City's League Cup triumph with Davo, who welcomes Rebecca Lowe back from Sochi.
Published 03/05/14
Rog and Davo relive the joy and agony of the John Terry ghost goal that sunk Tim Howard and Everton. The mighty Billy Beane guests.
Published 02/26/14