Mental Model: Multiple Memory Bias Strategies: #15
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Learn strategies to fix memory biases that keep you from financial success. Increase your profit margin! Learn the science of memory to truly understand how you are being tripped up by memory bias. Followed by tips from a hedge fund manager who currently uses these strategies in his shop leading to great $$ success. Investors, sales people, business, entrepreneur or solo-E can increase profit margin with these strategies, tips and fixes.
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Risk is always a part of investing but even more with the unknowns of opening and closing of the economy. Another factor driving the market is the money the feds are pumping out. Also, the influx of Robinhood accounts, driven by the lack of outlet for risky behavior (i.e. sports betting) and the...
Published 07/10/20
Everyone needs toilet paper! The initial increase in buying of toilet paper (AKA tissue paper) at the start of the COVID-19 crisis was likely due to a hoarding response, which is an instinctive psychological bias response found in nature. Hoarding is not always negative, in this case those that...
Published 06/25/20
Psychological research can inform our behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic. How do we decide what is the most effective response and how we will act? Follow along with the research article from Nature Human Behaviour “Using Social and Behavioral Science to Support COVID-19 Pandemic Response”...
Published 06/11/20