Mental Models: Economic Cycle and Macro Babble: #19
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Helpful to have a schema or picture of how the economy works so you don't overreact to news reports such as Chinese tariffs, that might rattle the market. Further discussion of predictors of recession and investing strategies in a turbulent market. Visit Mental Models Podcast for link to video mentioned in the podcast and links to our YouTube channel. As always thank you for listening and please follow, subscribe and like the podcast - it matters!
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In this episode we consider how our memory systems are organized and what we can do to help become better at remembering in a variety of areas of our lives. We consider memory from a multiple memory systems approach focusing on working memory- our short-term store. Working memory has a clear...
Published 02/27/20
Selection Bias can keep us hunting for what is most present on our mind, Waldo or the new Toyota we are planning to buy. Once we have committed to a decision we will see that specific brand everywhere. We are experiencing selection bias. Our brain is guiding us to what is most present on our...
Published 02/19/20
Be the courageous investor! Fear linked to 3 things: 1: To little information 2: Potential Threat 3: Helplessness Investing is linked to 2 things: 1: Fear 2: Greed The Salience Bias is linked to fear and uncertainty and your primal brain functions in your amygdala. There are 2 types of...
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