Investment Process II: Idea Vetting: #33
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Idea vetting is the second step in the Investment Process - how to improve your process and what Biases are keeping your from your financial and investing goals. NEW BOOK "Understanding Behavioral Bia$: A Guide to Improving Financial Decision Making" Available on Amazon NOW. Behavioral finance advice and solutions. More information at
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Recap of general market trends experienced in 2019 and interpret what they might mean for the economy in 2020. The expansion is the longest we have see, we are now beyond what it occurred from 1990-2000. Growth has been tepid so it might continue. We discuss economic indicators and historical...
Published 01/15/20
How politics might influence the stock market in an election year! All of this while the standing president of the United States is under investigation for impeachment by the Senate. What are your predictions for the next president of the United States of America? Which stocks do you seeing...
Published 01/08/20
There won't be any regular episodes of Mental Models Podcast as we take a holiday break. Regular service will resume the first full week in January 2020. In the meantime, enjoy a holiday message and we have recapped a popular podcast on Behavioral Bia$. Join Dan and George at the Center for...
Published 12/23/19