Investment Process III: Fundamental Research: #35
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Follow along with our book “Understanding Behavioral Bia$” by Dr. Daniel Krawczyk and George Baxter, JD, CFA, (Chapter 8) while listening to this podcast. BUY on Amazon (copy and paste). Electronic version and paperback. The purpose of fundamental research during the investment process is to understand the cooperative position of the business/stock and devise the value of the business of its ability to generate free cash flow now or in to the future. Create a predictive model of what you think the development of the fundamental aspects of the business will lead to from an operational stand point. How will Wall Street and other investors view the stock as these developments come to life. Minute 16:00: discussion of vaping stocks, industry and government oversight. Shad Row of Dallas.“shad”-rowe/
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Motivations that drive us are our basic human values, which are discussed in detail in this episode from investing and psychological perspective. Our mental models of others behavior and our own can helps us to predict steps management might take with a company that we are accessing to purchase...
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Do you have the will power to keep from buying that stock too early? Humans need the will power to delay gratification - how do we get it? Discipline is important to success. Walter Mischel’s, research which is commonly called the “Marshmallow Test” with preschoolers and self-control provides...
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The keys to flexible thinking come from exploring the different solutions to a problem vs. exploiting the rewards, resulting in perseveration behavior. In this episode we explore the ‘set effect’ which is linked to problem solving. An example of successful flexible thinking and over coming the...
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