Mental Models: Psychology of Pandemic be Physically Distant while Socially Engaged: #56
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Psychological research can inform our behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic. How do we decide what is the most effective response and how we will act? Follow along with the research article from Nature Human Behaviour “Using Social and Behavioral Science to Support COVID-19 Pandemic Response” (link below). First, as humans we have a tribal response, and we stick with our group and take advice from our group leader. Who we listen too depends on our tribal orientation. Other factors on advice we follow, is if the advice is relevant to us - ‘think globally, but act locally’. Which can lead to group effects, see the link below on the study of the longest lines, which is linked to group conformity. Third, we will also follow modeled behavior of those we respect. Also, it is important that leaders reach all people through a diversity of perspectives, think MORAL behavioral and the benefits to all. Most important be wary of ‘idea inoculation’. Which is when the initial idea is presented in a weak argument, resulting in people not following the advice. For example, think of individuals who might wear a recommended face mask on their chin, vs. over their mouth and nose. A better argument to encourage engagement with wearing face masks, and protect from ‘idea inoculation’ is: “when you are wearing a mask, it protects you from me”. Final thought, keep physically distant and stay psychologically engaged for stress reduction and positive health outcomes. For more on best investing strategies, avoiding bias and learning about your brain BUY 5 star reviewed “Understanding Behavioral Bia$” on Amazon - link here:
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