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On this Ep of The Mentally Screwed Podcast I read some fun unbelievable 2020 letters.  It's been a pretty rough year and it's almost over.  But i think at this point we have all heard some things that would only be believable in this crazy year of 2020.  As always, i hope you get a laugh out of this one. Destress with laughter.  Due to this past year, we all need a good laugh.  Enjoy! SOCIAL MEDIA Instagram ==== Twitter ====
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THE INTENT IN COMEDY IS IMPORTANT. Sticks and Stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. This saying doesn't seem to apply these days. On this Ep of The Mentally Screwed Podcast i have fun with the "word police". We have all crossed paths with them at some point in the past couple...
Published 01/06/21
Published 01/06/21
RADIO LOVE SHOW PARODY! HOW TO PULL A GAGA On this Ep of The Mentally Screwed Podcast i discuss how to Lady Gaga someone you are in a relationship with. Its advice on how to fix a stale relationship. Is it good relationship advice? Is it bad relationship advice? Can it be the worst love advice...
Published 11/04/20