Scott Feinberg - From Oscars blogger to Awards Columnist & Host for The Hollywood Reporter
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Scott Feinberg is an Awards Columnist for The Hollywood Reporter. He is also the Host of the incredibly popular podcast "Awards Chatter," where he has interviewed over 350 incredible guests including Steven Spielberg, Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence, Oprah, and Denzel Washington. He is considered by many as an Oscar Oracle, helping many people (including myself) win their Oscar pools. Having previously created one of the first successful Oscar blogs called "And the Winner is..." he was hired to create something similar out of college for the LA Times.  In this episode, we talk about: •  What are some tips and tactics to predicting the Oscar winners every year •  Deep dive into the Jennifer Lawrence episode (one of my favorites) and how he went into that interview •  The evolution of Awards Chatter podcast into an expose of the body of work of the guest •  How Oscar campaigns are similar to elections •  Why there is a human factor into picking winners •  What's strategic about the way he starts his interviews/episodes •  How he started his website prior to The Hollywood Reporter and had studios buy ads •  Sneak peek of a new episode with Sophia Loren •  How he does all of the research for a guest himself and why that's so important to him •  How he profiles anonymous Academy members Resources: Feinberg Forecast: Awards Chatter podcast: Jennifer Lawrence episode: Instagram: LinkedIn: Twitter: IMDB: Host: Instagram: @MentorsontheMic @MichelleSimoneMiller Twitter: @MentorsontheMic @MichelleSimoneM Mentors on the Mic Facebook page: Website: Youtube:
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