How to become a DIRECTOR (and other lessons from Season 1 Directors)
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Here is a Highlight Reel with advice from top DIRECTORS of Season 1 including Stan Brooks, Kristin Hanggi, Linda Mendoza, and Jason Ensler. In this episode, we talk about: •  How one future Director stood out working in the Mailroom •  How one Director made the jump into Narrative Television •  How to transition from Producer to Director •  Are you waiting for permission to Create? How one director realized that she could just do it •  Using the available resources around you to create your work •  What you need to sacrifice for your career •  What Quincy Jones told one Director that might help you Episode 1 - Stan Brooks - From the Mailroom to Hollywood Producer & Director Episode 21 - Linda Mendoza - From page to Comedy TV/Film Director of Scrubs, The Good Place, Blackish, and more Episode 9 - Kristin Hanggi - From playing pretend to Film, TV, & Tony Nominated Director of Rock of Ages Episode 16 - Jason Ensler - From PSAs to Executive Producer/Director of HULU's "Love Victor" and other Top TV shows Host: Instagram: @MentorsontheMic @MichelleSimoneMiller Twitter: @MentorsontheMic @MichelleSimoneM Mentors on the Mic Facebook page: Website: Youtube:
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