How Can Clinical Microbiology Labs Contribute to Antimicrobial Stewardship? (JCM ed.)
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Deciding how extensively to work up and report respiratory cultures is the worst. There are useful guidelines on how to approach this. But, in my experience, very few laboratories strictly follow these guidelines. That can be because of concerns about under-reporting pathogens or about over-reporting microbiota, or it can be the result of pressure from clinical staff to report more organisms than the guidelines suggest. Today, we’ll be talking with two guests about their study on how over-reporting of organisms from respiratory tract cultures can lead to over treatment with antimicrobials. Guests: Dr. Sarah Parker, pediatric infectious disease specialist at Children’s Hospital Colorado and the Medical Director of the Antimicrobial Stewardship Program. Dr. Andrea Prinzi, infectious disease medical science liason with bioMerieux. This episode of Editors in Conversation is brought to you by the Journal of Clinical Microbiology and hosted by JCM Editor in Chief, Alex McAdam and Dr. Elli Theel. JCM is available at and on
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