Reconciling Genotypic and Phenotypic Susceptibility Tests (JCM ed.)
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Our options for susceptibility testing have greatly increased in recent years. In addition to classical phenotypic susceptibility testing by disk diffusion and measurement of the minimum inhibitory concentration, genotypic tests are increasingly available. Genotypic tests range from tests for a single organism and one resistance gene to tests for 20 or more organisms and multiple resistance genes. But what should the clinical microbiologist do when the results of phenotypic and genotypic are in conflict? Welcome to Editors in Conversation. This episode is brought to you by the Journal of Clinical Microbiology, available at and on twitter @JClinMicro. I'm JCM Editor in Chief, Alex McAdam. This podcast is supported by the American Society for Microbiology, which publishes JCM. Guests: Dr. Patricia Simner, Dr. Jennifer Dien Bard Visit to read more
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