Self-Care Does Not Have to Cost a Ton of Money with Taylor Ellyse Morrison
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I have a confession. After I suffered from single-sided hearing loss in 2018 and my Dr. suggested I dive deep into self-care, I was under the false belief that true self-care had to cost a ton of money. Acupuncture, massage, chiropractor, wellness supplements, you name it. When we moved to the mountains, I started walking in nature and realized that self-care could look much different than I thought. I’m tired of the narrative that big companies tell us that self-care must be expensive and that you must spend a lot on it. That’s why I asked Taylor Elyse Morrison, founder of Inner Workout, to demystify what self-care truly is for us all. Taylor turned being bad at self-care—and being firmly convinced of every human’s potential—into a career. Recently named one of Fortune’s 10 Innovators Shaping the Future of Health, Taylor is tired of aspirational 'wellness as usual.' Instead, she makes well-being and personal development more accessible. In this conversation, I get to the bottom of what self-care is and how to practice it. We will uncover some simple, easy, affordable, and transformative ways of self-care to help you with whatever you’re going through today. LINKS Inner Workout Inner Workout Book CONNECT WITH SHANNAH Thank you for being a part of our community! We couldn't do it without you.  Ambitious Money Club - Get on the waitlist Freebie - 10 Money Questions to Ask Yourself Free Money Guide  Follow me on Instagram  Leave a 5-star Review here  Subscribe to our YouTube Channel SPONSORS Thanks to ASPCA for sponsoring the show. To explore coverage, visit Thanks to Notion for sponsoring the show. Notion is my go-to tool for managing notes, to do lists, and action items. Try Notion for free when you go to Thanks to OneSkin for sponsoring the show. Get 15% off OneSkin with the code ETM at  Thanks to Quince for sponsoring the show. Go to for free shipping on your order and 365-day returns.  Thanks to NerdWallet for sponsoring the show. Don’t wait to make smart financial decisions. Compare and find smarter credit cards, savings accounts, and more today at Thanks to Monarch for sponsoring the show. ​​After trying out Monarch for myself, I understand why it’s the top-rated personal finance app. Listeners of this show will get an extended thirty-day free trial when you go to  Thanks to EarnIn for sponsoring the show. Just download the EarnIn app in Google Play of the Apple App store and use code Talkin Money under Podcast. Thanks to Noom for sponsoring the show. Start taking control of your weight management and join the millions who have lost weight with Noom. Sign up for your TRIAL today at   Thanks to ButcherBox for sponsoring the show. Sign up today at and use code ETM to get $20 off your first order. Thanks to DelelteMe for sponsoring the show. Today get 20% off your DeleteMe plan when you go to and use promo code ETM at checkout.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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