All the Tips to Finding the Best Health Insurance Plan to Save Money
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Open enrollment for health insurance is right around the corner. However, no matter when you’re listening to this episode, you’re going to love this guide to hacking health insurance with Cosmopolitan Deputy Lifestyle Director Ashely Oerman. Ashley is breaking down what you need to know to save some bucks in the process, like her great tip on whether to choose an HMO or PPO and how to save $84,000. She also shares what you need to know about a Health Savings Account and ways to save on prescription drugs. LinksCosmo's Smart Girl's Guide to Hacking Health Insurance Open enrollment guidelinesAshley on InstagramAshley's website Episode Sponsors Right now, my listeners can get a bonus of $25 in crypto after you make your first purchase with BlockFi's Bitcoin Rewards Credit Card, when you sign up at Make it the year you finally cross life insurance off your list, and get protection for your loved ones. Go to and get started. You could save 50% or more by comparing quotes and start the new year with one less thing to worry about. FOLLOW & SHARE Be sure to FOLLOW and SUBSCRIBE to never miss an episode –  Sign up for my weekly Let’s Talk Money email newsletter   Ask Shannah Have an Ask Shannah question, submit it here Get Social Shannah on TikTok @shannahgame Shannah on Twitter Shannah on Instagram See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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