Dr. Yannick Giovanni Marshall writes and teaches in Black Studies. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Africana Studies at Knox College and has taught courses on Black Lives Matter and Deconstructing the Police for several years.  In this episode we discuss several of his writings over the last couple years, particularly on questions of coloniality, liberalism, policing, fascism and marronage. 
Published 02/28/21
This is a special message and brief addendum to our conversation published earlier this week with Dr. Mamyrah Prosper. After we finalized the conversation, she did want to note that there things people are working on currently that can be supported, and forthcoming calls for solidarity organizing that people can tap into more immediately.
Published 02/21/21
Dr. Mamyrah Prosper is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Africana Studies at Davidson College and the International Coordinator with Community Movement Builders’ Pan African Solidarity Network. In this episode, she discusses the current struggle in Haiti in connection with the long history of US & European imperialism after the Haitian Revolution. In light of this history, Dr. Prosper challenges people in the US to broaden our imaginations and practices of solidarity to the Haitian...
Published 02/18/21
In this episode we speak to Kamau Franklin. Kamau is the founder of Community Movement Builders a grassroots organization dedicated to creating sustainable Black communities through organizing and cooperative development. Kamau has been a dedicated community organizer for over 25 years. He has worked on various issues including community cop-watch programs, freedom school programs for youth, electoral and policy campaigns, large-scale community gardens, and programmatic alternatives to...
Published 02/11/21
In this episode we interview Dr. Michael Sawyer. Sawyer is an assistant professor of Race, Ethnicity, and Migration Studies in the Department of English at Colorado College. We spoke to him about his book, Black Minded: The Political Philosophy of Malcolm X which is part of the Black Critique Series on Pluto Press.   Dr. Sawyer shares with us the process of working to expand the academic field of political philosophy to accommodate the critically important contributions of Malcolm X to Black...
Published 02/04/21
In this episode we interview Devin Zane Shaw. Shaw is the author of three books, including Philosophy of Antifascism, and Egalitarian Moments: From Descartes to Rancière, and a recent pamphlet on solidarity movements and Indigenous struggles, The Politics of the Blockade. Shaw talks to us about several aspects of his book the Philosophy of Antifascism.
Published 01/31/21
Dr. Bedour Alagraa is an Assistant Professor of Black Political and Social Theory in the department of African and African Diaspora Studies at the University of Texas at Austin. Currently she’s working on a manuscript entitled The Interminable Catastrophe: Fatal Liberalisms, Plantation Logics, and Black Political Life in the Wake of Disaster. We center our discussion with Bedour around her recent publication in Offshoot Journal, What Will Be The Cure?: A Conversation with Sylvia Wynter.
Published 01/22/21
Hanif Abdurraqib and Jay talk about the passing of MF DOOM. Hanif is a poet, essayist, and cultural critic from Columbus, Ohio. His books include The Crown Ain’t Worth Much, They Can’t Kill Us Until They Kill Us, Go Ahead In The Rain: Notes To A Tribe Called Quest, A Fortune For Your Disaster and his forthcoming book A Little Devil In America. 
Published 01/13/21
Dylan Rodríguez is a Professor in the Department of Media and Cultural Studies at the University of California, Riverside. He is also a founding member of Critical Resistance. In this episode we talk to Rodriguez about his new book White Reconstruction: Domestic Warfare and the Logics of Genocide. Rodriguez explains the historical process of white reconstruction, and the current phase marked by a shift towards what Rodriguez calls multicultural white supremacy. 
Published 01/07/21
This episode is an informal recap of the hellish year that has been 2020. Joshua and Jared discuss various major events of the year, including moments of promise and frustration.  We talk about how COVID has changed our world, talk about anti-Black state violence and the movement against it, revisit the NBA strike that almost was, and ask what we have to show for all this electoralism. We finish up by talking about some of the amazing conversation we had this year.
Published 12/31/20
In this episode we interview Dr. Adom Getachew. Getachew is a political theorist with research interests in the history of political thought, theories of race and empire, and postcolonial political theory. Her work focuses on the intellectual and political histories of Africa and the Caribbean.  In this episode we discuss her 2019 book Worldmaking after Empire: The Rise and Fall of Self-Determination.
Published 12/14/20
In this episode we interview Brandon Soderberg who along with Baynard Woods co-authored the book 'I Got A Monster, The Rise And Fall of America’s Most Corrupt Police Squad.' In this episode we talk about the remarkable corruption of Baltimore PD’s Gun Trace Task Force (GTTF), which is the subject of Brandon’s recent book and discuss how this exceptional example is a logical manifestation of the very system of US policing.
Published 11/12/20
In this episode we discuss the movement to #EndSARS with Ani Kayode Somtochukwu, a 21 year old openly gay Queer Liberation activist, writer and journalist living in Enugu state Nigeria. His work focuses on using visibility, and journalism to combat the pathologization and demonization of queer identities in Nigeria. We discuss#EndSARS and the movement for queer lives in Nigeria.
Published 11/01/20
In this episode we interview Amandla Thomas-Johnson, about his new book, Becoming Kwame Ture. Amandla Thomas-Johnson is a British-born writer of African-Caribbean descent. He is based in Dakar, Senegal, from where he covers West Africa.  He has reported from a dozen countries, and has covered social movements from Trinidad and Tobago to Chile to Mauritania. He has worked for the BBC, The Guardian, Al-jazeera, and Channel 4, among others.
Published 10/22/20
This is a quick special report. In this episode we interview TeleSUR English presenter and Kawsachun News co-founder Camila Escalante. Camila shares with us the latest news coming out of Bolivia today October 19th, after the Movement Toward Socialism seemingly had a resounding victory at the polls yesterday October 18th, returning to power just a year after a US backed coup d’etat removed Evo Morales from power.
Published 10/20/20
In this episode we interview Laura Whitehorn. Laura Whitehorn is a co-founder and organizer with the RAPP Campaign, which stands for Releasing Aging People in Prison. Whitehorn is a veteran organizer of numerous organizations, including Friends of SNCC, the Weathermen, Prairie Fire Organizing Committee, the John Brown Anti-Klan Committee, the May 19th Communist Organization, and the Madame Binh Arts Collective among others. 
Published 10/06/20
In this episode we interview Craig Gilmore, cofounder of California Prison Moratorium Project, and a member of the Community Advisory board of Critical Resistance.   We talk about practical examples of prison abolitionists stopping new prison construction in California and how those examples have helped inform organizer approaches to stopping new prisons and jails. We also talk about possible lessons these abolitionist fights have to the fight to defund police.
Published 09/30/20
Barbara Smith co-founded the seminal Black Feminist Socialist organization the Combahee River Collective and Kitchen Table: Women of Color Press. She is an educator, organizer, scholar and publisher and theorist of Black Feminist politics.  In this episode we talk about Barbara Smith’s latest piece on the Hamer-Baker plan to dismantle white supremacy. We also discuss the work of the Combahee River Collective and Kitchen Table.
Published 09/24/20
In this episode we talk to author, scholar and educator Dr. Charisse Burden-Stelly. Burden-Stelly is currently a visiting scholar in the Race and Capitalism Project at the University of Chicago. She also serves as an Assistant Professor of Africana Studies and Political Science at Carleton College. Along with Dr. Gerald Horne, Burden-Stelly co-authored the book W.E.B. Du Bois: A Life in American History.
Published 09/17/20
In this episode we interview prisoner movement historians Dan Berger and Toussaint Losier who co-authored the book Rethinking The American Prison Movement. Today is the 49th anniversary of the Attica Rebellion, and in this episode we honor the ongoing tradition of prisoner resistance by examining the history of prisoner movements. 
Published 09/09/20
In this episode we interview Edward Onaci. Onaci is an associate professor of history at Ursinus College. In this episode, we talk about Onaci’s recent book, Free the Land: The Republic of New Afrika and the Pursuit of a Black Nation-State. In our discussion, Onaci traces the origins of the RNA, the New Afrikan Independence Movement, and this broader field of theory we know as New Afrikan Political Science.
Published 08/24/20
In this episode we interview SNCC Veterans Jennifer Lawson and Charles “Charlie” Cobb. They discuss their experiences organizing in rural Mississippi and Alabama with SNCC in the 1960’s at the height of the era we know as the Civil Rights Movement.
Published 08/10/20
In this episode, we interview Robyn Spencer. Robyn Spencer is the author of The Revolution Has Come: Black Power, Gender, and The Black Panther Party In Oakland. Spencer is an Associate Professor of History at Lehman College. Our conversation is centered around Spencer’s organizational history of the Oakland chapter of the Black Panther Party. She discusses their struggles to tackle issues of patriarchy, the repression they faced and their internationalism.
Published 08/03/20
In this episode we interview Hanif Abdurraqib. Hanif is a poet, essayist, and cultural critic from Columbus, Ohio. Among other things, he is the best-selling and award winning author of Go Ahead In The Rain: Notes To A Tribe Called Quest, A Forture For Your Disaster, They Can’t Kill Us Until They Kill Us, and The Crown Ain’t Worth Much. We talk to Hanif about writing, music & influences as well as his own politics. We also talk about the movements he’s plugged into in Columbus, Ohio.
Published 07/27/20
This is part 2 of our 2 part conversation with Stefano Harney and Fred Moten, Revisiting The Undercommons In A Time Of Pandemic And Rebellion. In this part of the conversation we focus on their conceptions of homeless, Black study, the surround, policy and fugitive planning. Moten and Harney also get into a discussion of critiques and notions of sovereignty in Indigenous theory and Afro-pessimism. 
Published 07/11/20