Ilya Kolmanovsky on the evolution of the human brain & AI
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My guest today is scientist Ilya Kolmanovsky and we’ll be talking about the evolution of the brain, as well as where we’re heading with the connection between the human mind and AI. Amongst other things, of course. Born in Moscow, Kolmanovsky trained as a zoologist, earned a PhD in human evolution, and then went on to become the most known Russian language science communicator on TV, radio, through podcasting, lectures, shows, and blogging. He has interviewed five Nobel prize laureates, dived under the ice in the Arctic, and has been detained 3 times by Russian police while protesting oppression. His most recent project is a podcast named Naked Mole-Rat (Goliy Zemlekop in Russian: about scientists and scientific discoveries. It has become the most popular Russian language podcast, outnumbering politics, art and sex podcasts. Recent guests include Garry Kasparov, Alison Gopnik, Svante Paabo and many others.
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