Sam Sarkisian on the dystopian future of journalism
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Sam Sarkisian is a lecturer in the Writing Program at Boston University and author of The Institute, a dystopian thriller about misinformation in the media and political spheres. With the US plagued by disinformation in the media, the answer seems to be a non-partisan Institute for Information Dissemination meant to compile and fact-check the media and political sphere so that citizens will only get the “most accurate” information. Of course, some at the Institute may have their own agenda… The Institute explores the corruption and greed driving many of the biggest institutions, most notably the US Government. Sam has an eclectic background in communications working as a freelance photojournalist, a multimedia editor, grant/policy writer, and in the Press Office of former Massachusetts Governor, Deval Patrick. He’s also the Director of Publishing at LaunchTeam Press. We’ll be talking a bit about his book, the issues we’re currently facing in journalism and, most importantly, how we can move forward. SOCIALS: Website: Twitter: @sammiesark Instagram: @samsarkisiann @theinstitutenovel
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