Exploring The Anxious and Avoidant Relationship Dynamic with Morgan Bolender and Scott Ferreter
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In this episode, I interview Morgan Bolender and Scott Ferreter from the band The Feelings Parade about their relationship/band dynamic and how their attachment styles have manifested in their love lives. Their transparency sheds light on the uniqueness of each relationship. ————————— The Feelings Parade @thefeelingsparade https://link.thefeelingsparade.com/Loose_Boards ————————— ENROLL NOW- My Secure Self Academy: For The Anxious Attachment Style - https://jessicadasilva.mykajabi.com/my-secure-self-academy-for-the-anxious-attachment-style-55b82293-db2d-4b73-88a3-2e856febf489 ————————— Find me at: Instagram: @thejessicadasilva Tiktok: @jessicadasilvacoaching Free Attachment Style Quiz: www.jessicadasilvacoaching.com
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Published 01/16/23
Published 01/16/23
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