What To Do When Your Needs Are Not Being Met
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In this episode, I talk about some key essential elements for deciphering whether your needs are or are not being met in your relationship and what to do. This episode will give you clarity moving forward. ————————— Values List: https://drive.google.com/file/d/16wyOMzM749bJVtWIAi1dNX89qvxWB_0c/view?usp=sharing My Secure Self Academy: https://jessicadasilvacoaching.com/ ______________ Find me at: Instagram: @thejessicadasilva Tiktok: @jessicadasilvacoaching Coach with me: (book a free Clarity Call with me) at www.jessicadasilvacoaching.com Free Attachment Style Quiz: www.jessicadasilvacoaching.com
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Published 01/16/23
Published 01/16/23
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