The Sandwich Generation, Aging, and Community with Shain Khoja
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“When you are caregiving, it’s very much like being in an airplane: you need to put on your own oxygen mask first, and then you can help others.” Shain Khoja Shain joins us today to discuss the Sandwich Generation and healthy aging. She explains how the need for caregiving impacts the Sandwich Generation’s careers and why healthcare systems need to invest in prevention. She describes the vital role of building intergenerational connections in healthy aging. Shain also reveals how we can prevent isolation and loneliness in the older generation and highlights the importance of self-care when caregiving. This week on The Mindset Zone: * The Sandwich Generation and the social implications of caregiving needs * The demographics of caregivers and how caregiving impacts women’s careers * The challenge of aging in a Western country * The value of intergenerational connection and cost-effective ways of healthy aging * How technology can help increase and improve human interaction * What we can learn from older generations * How lack of mobility among older people creates isolation and loneliness * and how it facilitates communication, connection, and learning in caregiving The Guest: Shainoor (Shain) Khoja is a global change maker and serial entrepreneur. She is the founder and CEO of, a digital platform that addresses aging and caregiving issues by helping keep seniors connected and engaged with family, friends, and caregivers. An advocate for dignified and fulfilling aging, Shain believes that intergenerational interaction and support can lead to a better quality of life, a more robust economy, and lower social and financial healthcare costs. Shain is also the founder and CEO of the Better Business Enterprise and formerly served as the Managing Director of Afghanistan’s #1 mobile operator, Roshan, for over a decade. Resources Mentioned: * Book: Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl * Are You Making a Difference? | Shainoor Khoja at TEDxBGI * Shainoor Khoja at B Inspired Talk, 2017 Connect with Shain Khoja: * – Use code “THRVAM” for 1-year FREE access (Free trial is open to the first 100 claimants.) * on LinkedIn * on Instagram
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