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“If we think about human history, we’ll see that innovation is and has always been our survival skill.“ Natalie Turner Natalie joins us today to outline “The Six ‘I’s of Innovation.” She describes what it takes to infuse, motivate, and drive innovation in organizational life. She explains how organizational culture can increase or stifle innovation in a company and discusses the role of creativity in innovation. Natalie also highlights the need for different skill sets and mindsets to cultivate innovation as a holistic journey and emphasizes how everyone has something to contribute. This week on The Mindset Zone: * Defining innovation and its different aspects * The value of human-centered innovation * Purpose-driven, people-driven, and planet-driven innovation * The Six ‘I’s of Innovation and its background * Applying the Six ‘I’s of Innovation to our everyday, personal lives * The multi-layered nature of purpose The Guest: Natalie Turner is the founder and CEO of The Entheo Network, an innovation and lifestyle company. Natalie has been serving as a corporate innovation director, business consultant, and entrepreneur for the past 25 years. She has helped the world’s leading organizations grow their teams, businesses, and capabilities and build innovation systems, culture, and capabilities. She has collaborated and consulted with organizations such as Cisco Systems, GSK, and Leo Pharma Asia. She is the author of Yes, You Can Innovate and the inventor of The Six ‘I’s of Innovation—a model that helps people evaluate their innovation strengths to harness diversity and create greater impact. Connect with Natalie Turner: * Natalie Turner Website * Book: Yes, You Can Innovate: Discover Your Innovation Strengths and Develop Your Creative Potential * Yes You Can Innovate * Six ‘I’s of Innovation * Natalie Turner on LinkedIn * Natalie Turner on Facebook * Natalie Turner on YouTube Expand What’s Possible
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