Work Smarter, Not Harder: Jenny Lynne Erickson Interviews Ana Melikian
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“Learning to tap into human potential by working smarter and not harder allowed me to achieve my goals without waking up tired every day. I could enjoy life and my family—travel and exercise more.” – Ana Melikian In this episode, I join Jenny Lynne at the Death of a Workaholic podcast to discuss unlocking human potential by working smarter—not harder. We explore my journey with dyslexia and how my relationship with work was shaped when I was around nine years old. We discuss the pivotal moment that woke me up to the necessity of shifting my relationship with work. We also highlight how having clarity of priorities makes it easier to say “yes” and “no” and underscore the power of taking pauses. This episode was rebroadcast here at the Mindset Zone with explicit consent from Jenny Lynne Erickson, the host of The Death of a Workaholic podcast. This week on The Mindset Zone: * Working hard at nine years old * How having dyslexia led me to develop a work ethic I’m proud of * How my relationship with work showed up in my career later in life * My diagnosis of inflammatory breast cancer * How I learned to work smarter and not harder * Making peace with saying “no” * Human compassion and how people supported me while I sought treatment for cancer * Slipping back into old habits and looking at human potential from a different perspective * The Eisenhower Matrix and how I started working smarter * The importance and power of taking pauses * What micropauses are and how they help us reevaluate everything in our lives * Tricks to integrating micropauses in our daily lives * My definition of success Our Favorite Quotes: * “Sometimes, it can be hard to recognize the deposits you’ve made over the years of working hard and that you can ask for something in return.” – Jenny Lynne Erickson * “The thing about situations like a cancer diagnosis or a divorce is that, suddenly, priorities become very clear, and what we say ‘yes’ and ‘no’ to becomes easier because of that clarity.” – Ana Melikian * “ ‘Between stimulus and response is the space where we have the power to choose our response, and in our response lies our growth and freedom.’ But for us to see that space, we have to learn how to press the pause button.” – Ana Melikian Resources Mentioned: * Original Episode: Death of a Workaholic Podcast Episode 06 – Work Smarter, Not Harder – Ana Melikian * Book: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey * Book: a href="
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