Robot Tom Brady, Bigfoot Hunting & Sea Monsters w/ former Pittsburgh Pirates Catcher Micheal McKenry
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Hey Misfits! This episode you’ll hear a couple of interesting stories from Steve and Emmy: two twenty-somethings who went to the pediatrician long after it was socially acceptable. First, Steve kicks us off with a few spooky sea stories. Did a sea monster really attack German submarines off the coast of Ireland during WWI, or was it just an very very elderly dinosaur? Then, your favorite podcast duo speaks with a super special guest, Micheal McKenry, former MLB catcher and current Pittsburgh Pirates Announcer. We covered a lot of ground during this interview — including Michael’s encounter with a hostage situation, the superstition behind a green hot dog named Greenie Weenie, Bigfoot hunting, and nachos. You might even learn a bit about Tom Brady’s robot brain.  If you want to hear more from Steve and Emmy, remember to tune in every Thursday for more mind-blowing and hysterical content. You can also check out our blog on our website: And be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram: @podcast_misfits and on Facebook @PodcastMisfits and on Youtube Misfits and Mysteries! Don't forget to buy our Merch and consider donating a couple bucks to buy us a coffee! You can find Micheal McKenry on Twitter and Instagram @theFortMckenry, and on your local Pittsburgh Pirates broadcast. Also check out Steve's guest appearance on the Dads on Dayquill Podcast!   --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
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