Voices from Beyond the Open Road - Utilization, Shippers, and Driver Quality of Life pt. 2
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Earlier this year, MIT CTL's David Correll spoke with over-the-road truckers about their experiences in order to shed light on why it is that U.S. truckers appear to be both scarce and underutilized at the same time.  During the year, Dr. Correll oversaw three MIT SCM master's capstones that addressed truck driver utilization and retention in contrast to shipper and receiver policies and practices. These were completed as part of the MIT FreightLab's Driver Initiative. In today's episode, we hear how a variety of factors influence driver utilization, and how they may impact the widespread driver shortage currently experienced in the U.S. David's guests offer solutions that shippers, warehouse managers, dispatchers, and their companies can implement to improve. Download a transcript of this episode. Read the capstones covered in this episode. Diving Deep into the Determinants of Driver Dwell Authored by: Michelle Catherine Roy, Leora Reyhan Sauter Goldilocks and the Three Dispatchers: Quantifying the Impact of Dispatcher Management on Truck Driver Performance Authored by: Danielle Procter, Paulo Sousa Jr. Automation of Warehouse Decision Making Authored by: Roogers Marino, Zeyu Wu  
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