The Road Blocks and Speed Bumps of Life
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This week we dive into a conversation about coaching sports and some of the ups and downsides. Coaches have such an influence on our children, second to parents and teachers. If a kid is into a sport, they trust and value the opinion of their coach. What that coach says can crush what a kid believes in themselves, even if they weren't meaning to. There should be more women on the boys benches. Men often bring ego, not flexibility and want to coach the way they were coached, which is not the way kids need to be coached today! Want our podcasts sent straight to your phone? Text us the word "Podcast" to +1 (917) 540-8715 and we'll text you the new episodes when they're released! Tune in for new Cat & Nat Unfiltered episodes every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday! Follow @catandnatunfiltered on Instagram: Our new book "Mom Secrets" is now available! Head to to grab your autographed copy!  Come see us LIVE on tour!! To see a full list of cities and dates, go to Follow our parenting platform - The Common Parent - over on Instagram: Become a Member of The Common Parent, our ultimate parenting toolkit for parents of teens and tweens for just $74.99/year: Get a FREE “Thoughts Between Us” Journal with The Common Parent Annual Membership: Click Here! Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel for our new cooking show and our #momtruth videos: Check out our Amazon Lives here: Order TAYLIVI here: Get personalized videos from us on Cameo: Come hang with us over on all day long. And follow us on! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
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This week Nat and Teddy watched The Secret and we went down a rabbit hole. It's about the Law of Attractions and the idea that by using your emotions and visualization, you can make your dreams and desires come true. There is no scientific proof and there are many critics out but Nat is a big...
Published 03/21/23
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Published 03/20/23