Should we talk about Federer's GOAT case now? Plus US Open 2022 wrap-up | Mailbag
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In the aftermath of Roger Federer's retirement announcement and US Open 2022, Gill Gross answers your comments.  00:00 intro 01:15 Federer's GOAT Resume 11:01 Is Offensive Tennis Rising 14:09 Alcaraz Endurance and Speed 16:51 Laver Cup vs Basel  19:22 Future of One-Handed BH 22:07 No Grunt Nadal 23:50 What's Next For Federer 25:54 Someone Dreamed About Me 27:40 Effect of Alcaraz's Breakthrough and Roger Retirement 31:19 Is Alcaraz Lucky to be No. 1 36:44 When was Federer's Prime? 40:21 Federer's Farewell Tour 42:20 Federer's Forehand Change 47:05 Kyrgios Cares Now 49:24 Post Big 3 Star-Building 52:29 Understanding Tennis Business 56:50 US Open Late Nights 59:10 Thanks! --- Support this podcast:
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Published 12/06/22
This week's Mailbag (PART 2) focuses on closing the book on the 2022 season and looking ahead to next year. Gill Gross answers your comments, including: matches we want to see in 2023, Rafael Nadal's 2022 vs. Roger Federer's 2017, will the Netflix doc bring more eyes to tennis, historical tier...
Published 11/30/22
Published 11/30/22