S3 E13: The Trials
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In the fall of 2003, Virginia attorneys prepared for the trials of John Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo. Prosecutors intended to sentence them both to the ultimate punishment. Learn more about your ad-choices at https://news.iheart.com/podcast-advertisers
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Hi listeners, we wanted to introduce you to a brand new podcast we think you'd like. It's called The Missionary and we're including the trailer in your feed today so you can get a sneak preview. Once you've heard the trailer, don't forget to visit that feed and listen to the first three episodes,...
Published 05/15/20
On this post-season bonus episode, John Muhammad's daughters Salena and Taalibah sit down for an intimate interview with Tony Harris. They'll share memories of their father, recall learning he was the DC Sniper, and discuss how they coped using music. Learn more about your ad-choices at...
Published 05/14/20
In this post-season bonus episode, we hear Mildred Muhammad's story of surviving John's abuse, rebuilding her life and helping other domestic abuse survivors. [This episode contains stories of domestic abuse. If you or someone you know may be experiencing domestic abuse, you can call the domestic...
Published 04/30/20