Mini Fuzz: ONeillfans, Squid Game, and Burning Questions!
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In this weeks Mini Fuzz we answer our patron's questions for the month of October, we read a spooky story from a listener, and lots more! Support the lads: All our other links:
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In this episode we have a spooky listener story as well as some of our patron's burning questions! Xmas DnD: [email protected] Support us:
Published 12/02/21
Published 12/02/21
Although it’s never been photographed there are an alarming number of sightings of a 5 - 6 foot red worm that lurks around the Gobi desert. According to sightings, the Mongolian death worm is a long, sausage-like sandworm, dark red in color with spikes jutting out of both ends of its shapeless...
Published 11/29/21