Introducing The Cryptid Club
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Mike Brumm (author) and Jeff Mack (illustrator) bring young readers a new series about an intrepid gang of kid investigators dealing with the remarkably bizarre appearance of cryptids in their world.  Book one of the new series is subtitled Bigfoot Takes the Field and I'm joined by author Mike Brumm to discuss the book and its origin.  This is not some dry academic book about debunking bigfoot, nor is it a breathless account of hunting monsters.  Instead it's a delightful and silly fantasy world where smarts and chutzpah solves a mystery, and saves the day.  Check it out!  (This is not a paid advert for the book - but if you use the Amazon link our show does get a tiny bit of the sale.) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Darren Naish joins us to catch us up on his latest project - a series of dawings and descriptions based on the cryptids of Bernard Heuvelmans! (Patreon Link) The Field Guide to Lake Monsters, Sea Serpents and Other Mystery Denizens of the Deep (Affiliate Link) Les Félins Encore Inconnus d’Afrique...
Published 09/19/22
We're joined by folklorist and anthropologist Dr. John Gutowski, a professor at Saint Xavier, to discuss the Beast of Busco and the festivals such creatures often inspire. Paper on giant turtle of Charbusco. Author of The Beast of Busco (currently out of print) Additional: The White River Monster...
Published 09/05/22
Dr. Brian Regal joins us again (actually his 6th appearance!) to discuss his latest work, The Battle Over America's Origin Story.  We know Columbus didn't "discover" America, yet there are so many competing narratives that seek to topple Columbus yet still not acknowledge the clear and obvious...
Published 08/22/22