The Battle Over America's Origin Story
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Dr. Brian Regal joins us again (actually his 6th appearance!) to discuss his latest work, The Battle Over America's Origin Story.  We know Columbus didn't "discover" America, yet there are so many competing narratives that seek to topple Columbus yet still not acknowledge the clear and obvious indigenous people who were already here when all of these explorers allegedly arrived. Regal's latest book looks at a broad swath of these fringe historian theories and gives them context in the bigger picture of people's search for national identity in the the United States.  Previous Visits from Dr. Regal: YetiPalooza #116 Montague Summers #110 His Story of the Jersey Devil #71 Searching for Sasquatch #36 Darwin vs the Wolf-man #06 Books by Regal: Searching for Sasquatch  The Secret History of the Jersey Devil  Pseudoscience: A Critical Encyclopedia Can’t get enough of monsters? If you’ve enjoyed this episode and want to listen to more from MonsterTalk, click here! Want to talk about a monster we haven’t talked about before? Send us an email! Catch MonsterTalk on All Your Favorite Podcasting Sites Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher | TuneIn Follow MonsterTalk on Facebook | Twitter | YouTube Support Love the show? Consider supporting MonsterTalk on Patreon! Interested in Advertising with us? Contact [email protected]! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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