Giant Turtles and Protofestivals
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We're joined by folklorist and anthropologist Dr. John Gutowski, a professor at Saint Xavier, to discuss the Beast of Busco and the festivals such creatures often inspire. Paper on giant turtle of Charbusco. Author of The Beast of Busco (currently out of print) Additional: The White River Monster - episode #204 (Joe Nickell) Our coverage of Mothman (several episodes) Arkansas policy on White River Monster Fisher's Ghost (Australia) has a festival The Mothman Festival Boggy Creek (Fouke Monster) Festival The Nantucket Sea Serpent Jackalopes Lizard Man Stomp Roswell UFO Festival Rhinelander, WI (Hodag) Festival Can’t get enough of monsters? If you’ve enjoyed this episode and want to listen to more from MonsterTalk, click here! Want to talk about a monster we haven’t talked about before? Send us an email! Catch MonsterTalk on All Your Favorite Podcasting Sites Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher | TuneIn Follow MonsterTalk on Facebook | Twitter | YouTube Support Love the show? Consider supporting MonsterTalk on Patreon! Interested in Advertising with us? Contact [email protected]! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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