The Entity
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From our YouTube collection, we bring you a podcast version of our coverage of the 1983 horror/thriller The Entity. CONTENT WARNING: Discusses sexual assault and trauma. SPOILER WARNING: We discuss many plot elements in detail and if you prefer surprises you may want to watch the movie before listening to this episode. Watch the film here (affiliate link) The novel of the story (affiliate link) Watch more of our deBased on a True Story series. Photo discussed in the episode (via Daily Grindhouse coverage of BluRay release) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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A look at the 2012 film The Possession which is allegedly based on the "true story" surrounding a wine cabinet and a creature from Jewish folklore known as a Dybbuk.  The 2021 Input Magazine article that "blows the lid off" the story of the Dybbuk Box.  Affiliate Link to THE POSSESSION...
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