Season 3 Interview Special
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At the end of Season 3, we sat down with a few of the newer cast members featured this season to chat about the process, their characters, what they thought was most interesting in their storylines, and more! Transcript available here. Featuring: Cole Burkhardt Leslie Gideon Hazel Stapp David S. Dear Shade Oyemakinwa Hosted by: D.J. Sylvis Cass McPhee Associate Producers: Timothy LaGrone, Marty Chodorek, and Sarah Müller. A huge “thank you” to our Season 3 supporters on Seed and Spark. And we wouldn’t be here without our monthly supporters on Patreon, who also get weekly updates, behind the scenes info, and more - all for as little as a dollar a month! Theme music is "Star" by the band Ramp: Cover art created by Peter Chiykowski: Episode transcripts and more information: Learn about our Network sponsors and other great shows:
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Just after the events of the Season 3 Finale, we return to the residents of the Patrick Free Zone.  CONTENT WARNING: Discussion of death; character death. FEATURING: Corey Spruill as Stephen, Robin Regalado as Ahnung, Becca Marcus as Elio, Leslie Gideon as Elena, Serena Rahhal as Nima, and...
Published 07/25/21
Hey there, folks. Today we'd like to introduce you to a recent show that we've really loved, The Wanderer. It's a really lovely, and deeply touching, queer fairy-folk tale audio drama about separation and longing and the pursuit of reconnection ... all themes you might know a bit about from...
Published 07/18/21
Tumnus is ready to talk things out - with a very special someone she's never actually met. FEATURING: Jen Ponton as Tumnus. (And of course, as Jen Ponton.) Consortium announcer is Evan Tess Murray. Written and edited by D.J. Sylvis. Produced by D.J. Sylvis and Cass McPhee. You can find...
Published 07/11/21