Circle Of Influence
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Hello members and subscribers! It’s time for our fifth Moonshots Master episode, and here we are breaking down the CIRCLE OF INFLUENCE. Opening up our minds to the concept, we get inspired by a series of motivational speakers, telling us to focus on you every day. We re-visit the very well-regarded Admiral William H. McRaven, who reminds us to start singing when we’re up to our necks in mud. We then hear from Robin Sharma, who reminds us to simply embrace confidence every day. Now we’re all inspired, the next section helps us learn about the Circle of Influence, and who’s better to teach us than Stephen Covey himself. Mr Covey breaks down the Inner circle for proactive people (circle of influence), as well as the Outer circle for reactive people (circle of concern). Now we understand the influence and mindset towards our circles, let’s work on how to make this reflection a part of our habit every day. We listen to Janis from Time Management, who has some actionable tips to stay focused. We also learn from Fearless Soul, and how we are responsible for who we agree to spend time with. Closing out the show, we hear again from Stephen Covey, who has some powerful mindset tips for us, encouraging us to remember that we can choose to carry your weather with us.
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