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For the last part of our Health Series, we visit sleep! "Why We Sleep" by Matthew Walker is a book that explores the science of sleep and its impact on our physical and mental health. The author argues that sleep is a biological necessity that is vital for optimal brain function and overall...
Published 02/05/23
To continue our health theme we breathe deep and return to one of our favourites Wim Hoff. Wim Hoff, also known as "The Iceman," is considered special because of his unique ability to control his body's physiological responses through breathing and cold exposure techniques. He has been able to...
Published 02/01/23
Welcome to our Health Master Series. We study 6 health gurus in this show, including Andrew Huberman and Michael Pollen. You will learn about six health and wellness habits you can adopt right now. To listen to the entire show, please become a member here:
Published 01/31/23