ONE EQUATION To Manage Your Feelings: Part 2: BK Shivani at San Francisco : Sisters Shivani
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Answering who is in charge of our emotions, BK Shivani explains we create our every thought, feeling, attitude and emotion. Taking personal responsibility instead of blaming others for how we feel helps us manage inner stability. Instead of “You made me angry”, let’s say, “I'm feeling angry” and use our power to finish anger, instead of waiting for people to apologize or change.
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BK Shivani highlights the need to release expectations in relationships. Every individual is a soul on a long journey of many births, been through different experiences, and carried different sanskars. Criticizing them for not meeting our expectations depletes both of us. Accepting them as they...
Published 10/15/20
BK Shivani analyzes how Law Of Karma is constantly in action, influencing our choices of responses. Awareness and wisdom of the Spiritual Law stops us from questioning, judging or cribbing about our situations. We accept them and create the right present karma. This settles difficult past karmic...
Published 09/30/20
BK Shivani explains how our expectations can often be so unfair. We do not even realize they exist, until we feel frustrated by their non-fulfillment. Expectations means we decide that people should be our way. We believe they love us and respect us, only when they are our way. People can respect...
Published 09/29/20