Listener Tales: That Time I Met A Murderer
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Because you guys have been sending in SO MANY amazing listener tales and we’ve got so many to choose from we decided to theme them a bit! This installment is Listener Tales: The Time I Met a Murderer. We’ve got grocery workers wishing unknown an unknown murderer a good night, people who LIVED with a murderer and didn’t even know it and so much more. Hold on to them butts. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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Published 08/24/22
On the morning of April 21st John Palmer and his wife Katie decided to start their day off with a nice walk together before the craziness of their day to day ensued. They didn’t know that one of their neighbors would also be out that morning, driving his F-250, impaired to say the least. Katie...
Published 08/17/22
William Desmond Taylor was a big name in Hollywood back in the day, starring and directing plenty of hit films. Hollywood has always been rife with controversy and such was the case when William was found dead in his apartment, having been shot with a rare .38 caliber gun. The police felt like...
Published 08/15/22