H.H. Holmes Part 5
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In the final chapter of our coverage of H.H.Holmes, we talk about the theories connecting him to Jack the Ripper, his final days on the run and a trial and execution that has gone down in history.  Thank you to Dave White for research assistance. References Boston Daily Globe. 1895. "At Burlington." Boston Daily Globe, August 8: 7. —. 1894. "Believes husband dead." Boston Daily Globe, November 20: 1. —. 1894. "Believes husband dead." Boston Daily Globe, November 20: 1. —. 1895. "Hard and Selfish." Boston Daily Globe, August 7: 5. —. 1894. "In the toils." Boston Daily Globe, November 18: 1. —. 1895. "Mother's Love." Boston Daily Globe, August 6: 5. Chicago Chronicle. 1895. "Tells of one crime." Chicago Chronicle, July 30: 2. —. 1895. "Trail of the fiend." Chicago Chronicle, July 21: 1. Chicago Tribune. 1894. "Spins his own web." Chacgo Tribune, November 22: 1. —. 1895. "Holmes recognized in Toronto." Chcago Tribune, July 17: 12. Daily Boston Globe. 1895. "Good Fisherman." Daily Boston Globe, August 9: 4. Galveston Daily News. 1894. "Two Texas Girls." Galveston Daily News, November 22: 1. Geyer, Frank P. 1896. The Holmes-Pitezel Case: A History of the Greatest Crime of the Century and of the Search for the Missing Pitezel Children. Philadelphia, PA: Publishers' Union. Kerns, Rebecca, Tiffany Lewis, and Cailtin McClure. 2012. Herman Webster Mudgett: Dr. H.H. Holmes or Beast of Chicago. Lecture, Radford, VA: Department of Psychology, Radford University. Larson, Erik. 2003. Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair that Changed America. New York, NY: Crown Publishers. Mudgett, Herman W. 1895. Holmes' Own Story. Philadelphia, PA: Burke and McFetridge Company. New York Times. 1895. "A boy Holmes' first victim." New York Times, July 31: 3. —. 1896. "Appeal of murderer Holmes." New York Times, February 4: 8. —. 1895. "Claims an alibi." New York Times, July 17: 1. —. 1896. "Holmes cool to the end." New York Times, May 8: 1. —. 1895. "Holmes enters a plea of guilty." New York Times, May 29: 1. —. 1896. "Holmes in a ton of cement." New York Times, May 9: 1. —. 1895. "Holmes sentenced to die." New York Times, December 1: 13. —. 1894. "May be charged with murder." New York Times, November 19: 2. —. 1895. "The Williams girls' fate." New York Times, July 21: 10. Philadelphia Inquirer. 1894. "Cause of death a mystery." Philadelphia Inquirer, September 6: 6. —. 1896. "Holmes' chronology." Philadelphia Inquirer, April 12: 18. —. 1896. "Holmes Confesses 27 murders." Philadelphia Inquirer, April 26: 1. Philadelphia Times. 1894. "All looking for Pitezel." Philadelphia Times, November 21: 1. —. 1894. "Perry's Peculiar Death." Philadelphia Times, September 5: 3. Selzer, Adam. 2017. H.H. Holmes: The True History of the White City Devil. New York, NY: Skyhorse Publishing. St. Louis Post-Dispatch. 1894. "Arrested Again." St. Louis Post-Dispatch, July 29: 8. See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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