The Economic Crash has Started, FED can't stop it
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GMO co-founder Jeremy Grantham says the market crash has begun. He predicts a drop of 50% in stocks and he says the FED can't stop it. They're going to try with the announcement that they are about to launch their own digital currency. So what happens to the Treasury US dollar?  If that's not bad enough the great #Meatloaf just died and US home prices are still skyrocketing. Morning Invest is live at 9AM Eastern.
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What’s happening in the small South Asia country of Sri Lanka is about to happen to the rest of the western world and we should all be paying attention. The DHS "pauses" its disinformation governance board or ministry of truth after backlash. And a major update on Julian Assange's extradition.
Published 05/19/22
Published 05/19/22