The Cold War heats up as the BRICS conference goes on. Russia proposed the idea of a commodity-based currency for Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Would this crush the U.S. dollar as the world's default currency? #putin
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Signs of civil war are emerging as The Supreme Court nears its decision. Putin calls for a new reserve currency at BRICS based on commodities. New studies on natural immunity. And the truth about fossil fuels. 
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The U.S. caught aiding attacks on nuclear plant in Ukraine. Deep state globalists push for energy collapse to further green agenda. Putin readies for major offensive in Ukraine. Scott Ritter calls out western media for ignoring one of the biggest stories of the day. 
Published 08/17/22
Russian President Vladimir Putin didn't mince words aiming his assault directly at the feet of WEF globalists. This is a war between the unipolar liberal order and multipolar sovereign states. 
Published 08/17/22
Published 08/17/22