This is all COLLAPSING and they're making it worse | Redacted with Clayton Morris
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President Biden keeps trying to spin the inflation as Putin's Price Hike as he rolls out a ridiculous gas tax holiday. The New York Times now admits Russian sanctions are a failure. And now they're saying Unions are Putin's fault. 
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The U.S. caught aiding attacks on nuclear plant in Ukraine. Deep state globalists push for energy collapse to further green agenda. Putin readies for major offensive in Ukraine. Scott Ritter calls out western media for ignoring one of the biggest stories of the day. 
Published 08/17/22
Russian President Vladimir Putin didn't mince words aiming his assault directly at the feet of WEF globalists. This is a war between the unipolar liberal order and multipolar sovereign states. 
Published 08/17/22
Published 08/17/22