WEF globalists under attack as Putin declares war on unipolar order| Redacted with Clayton Morris
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Russian President Vladimir Putin didn't mince words aiming his assault directly at the feet of WEF globalists. This is a war between the unipolar liberal order and multipolar sovereign states. 
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In less than 24 hours, the 4 regions of Donbass will to vote on whether to join The Russian Federation. Putin is readying a massive military protection. Ukraine vows to jail anyone who votes. Scott Ritter and Eva Bartlett join us on tonight's live show.
Published 09/22/22
Published 09/22/22
Russia's President Putin exposed the NATO plan to destroy Russia's sovereignty and announced a massive expansion of the war in Ukraine. The Fed raised interest rates pushing us towards a recession. People are hoarding groceries and basic necessities. 
Published 09/22/22