The Best Of: Find Your Strength
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This week, Lead Pastor Erwin McManus compels us to lean into joy in a new way. Often when we are facing challenging times, joy is the last thing on our mind. But in this encouraging message from our ‘Best Of’ series, Pastor Erwin shares that God’s way of strengthening us when we’re struggling is through the power of celebration. Teaching out of James chapter 1, Pastor Erwin highlights Jesus’ words which instruct us to rejoice when we face difficulties of all kinds. Why? Joy creates the character we need for the future God wants to create through us! Though challenges feel frustrating in the moment, we’re reminded that God is building us beautifully from the inside out. That is worth celebrating!  Pastor Erwin asks us how often we question why God’s promises haven’t come true in our lives. He proposes that it may be God that is asking us why we haven’t overcome our doubts when God has continually shown himself to be faithful.  If you have been facing a difficult season and are wondering where God is, this message will encourage you that God is strengthening you with his joy in the middle of the challenge!
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