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On this week's podcast, Erwin McManus completes his Quest for Enlightenment series with a talk that highlights what it means to live a heroic life. From Psalm 119:32, Erwin reminds us that God has set us free to run in the path of his commands. Ultimately, we learn that our freedom is only as impactful as the choices we make with it because the shape of our character is not only the shape of our future, but our character shapes the future of humanity. Ending with a raw and powerful Q & A, Erwin answers a variety of questions that define what it means to live heroically in the light of the freedom Jesus offers. From paying taxes to choosing a significant other, Erwin empowers us to live with a deep sense of character through our everyday choices. This message is inspired by Uprising, Erwin Raphael McManus' book about taking on the character of God.
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Mosaic Lead Pastor Erwin McManus closes out our Fresh Start series with an inspiring message on how you can live “Fueled by Faith!” Why does faith feel superhuman? Pastor Erwin reminds us that we were created by God to live with faith and that it is faith that makes us human. We are the only...
Published 10/03/22
Published 10/03/22
In this week’s episode, Pastor Erwin McManus points out the fascinating way that God inhabits our lives — whether we’ve already given our lives to Him or not. In a conversation with a self-identified atheist, Erwin was asked how to hear the voice of God. He answered that it’s the voice in your...
Published 09/27/22