In the season finale of MozPod, Hayley Sherman is joined by Brian Childs to chat about the season - including how we got the podcast up and running, major themes we noted, and episode recommendations. If you have feedback about what you'd like to see next season, feel free to reach out to us on Twitter or at podcast@moz.com.
Published 08/07/18
MozCon brings SEO industry leaders for a 3 day conference, where they present tactical strategies to drive revenue through digital marketing. In this week’s LIVE episode, we had Sarah Bird, Hayley Sherman and Brian Childs share insight on what occurred during MozCon. They point out sessions that they enjoyed most, topics that were trending, and key takeaway. If you don’t want to miss out on next year’s MozCon you can get Early bird tickets (with a generous discount) here:...
Published 07/25/18
Curious about how speech recognition functions? Neil Martinsen-Burrell, Sr. Data Scientist at Moz, joins MozPod to describe the science behind voice recognition technology. Building on the great podcast with Purna, Neil dives into how we should understand speech recognition models, how language is understood by machines, the technical hurdles involved, and a bunch of other incredible stuff. Neil does a great job of blowing our minds, yet again.
Published 07/17/18
Curious about the ins & outs of voice search? Purna Virji of Microsoft joins Hayley Sherman on MozPod to discuss how & why we are using voice search, how it differs from standard text input search, & what's next. She also breaks down the difference between three "avenues" of voice search: traditional, digital assistants, & chatbots. Purna's blog posts: http://bit.ly/MozPod39-blog; http://bit.ly/MozPod39-chatbots. Other resources: https://bit.ly/2wE8Op1 ;...
Published 07/10/18
Shannon McGuirk, the Head of PR and Content at Aira.net, joins Brian Childs to discuss the evolution of PR in a digital world. She starts by describing how PR activities have evolved since the days of print media and then shares her perspective about how digital marketing and PR have converged. PR professionals are changing how they evaluate their efforts. You should too. You'll hear the questions you need to ask your PR firm and the metrics they need to be tracking.
Published 07/03/18
Aleyda Solis de Orainti regresa a MozPod y habla sobre SEO Internacional con Heidi Noonan-Mejicanos. En esta oportunidad, la charla trata sobre los retos que existen en el mundo de SEO para sitios web que se expanden a otros países. Da consejos sobre cómo estructurar un sitio, los beneficios de expandir, y la importancia de las características del lenguaje y los modismos propios de cada país.
Published 06/26/18
Sherry Bonelli returns to MozPod to discuss Car Dealership SEO best practices. Almost every digital marketer will be approached by a dealership & Sherry tells us what to look at during a site audit. She talks about the common challenges you will discover, & how to think about car dealership websites. If you want to work with car dealerships, please listen to this episode. It's a fascinating discussion.
Published 06/19/18
Kate Morris of Craftsy.com discusses how to use content to improve the performance of your eCommerce site. She shares some interesting ways to segment content, align it with search intent, and measure the impact. Kate has over 15 years of experience in search marketing and it's great to get her perspective as an expert in paid marketing where everything comes down to conversion rates. She is interviewed by host Brian Childs.
Published 06/12/18
David Folwell, CEO of StaffingReferrals.com, describes how companies can improve their referral and incentive programs. Most companies don't take full advantage of referral strategies when sourcing candidates or leads. Dave shares his recommendations on how to set up a program as well as helpful software to track results. He mentions one helpful tool called ClickFlow during the conversation: https://www.clickflow.io/?ref=davidfolwell
Published 06/05/18
Want to learn how to optimize Javascript for SEO? Neil Martinsen-Burrell returns to the pod to share his wisdom. We start by defining what javascript is and how it works. Then we dissect javascript from the perspective of Google's crawler. We also cover how to optimize javascript for SEO. 
Published 05/29/18
Britney Muller is back for another episode of 2Bs in a Pod with Brian Childs. 2Bs talks about the latest SEO news & topics, keeping you informed on important trends. In this episode, Britney shares some recent articles about Google's algorithm research & features that are being tested in Google's search results. She brings us up to speed on the concept of reinforcement learning & how SERP features may be playing a role. You can find the resources Britney references here:...
Published 05/22/18
Ian Lurie is CEO & Founder of Portent, a Seattle-based internet marketing agency. Ian joins the pod to discuss the concept of writing for search, & what it means for content development. Is there such thing as writing for search anymore? Ian discusses that providing quality content stems from doing your research, delivering necessary information, and writing well. It's not for the search engines anymore - but for the people visiting the site. Lean Content eBook by Ian:...
Published 05/15/18
In March 2018, Google ran a global test of zero-results pages. These were search result pages that contained no organic links and only one knowledge card. Dr. Pete Meyers of Moz chats with host Brian Childs about the initial analysis of the Zero-Results test, why he believes it was conducted, and how businesses should think about the implications. His article on the subject is here: https://moz.com/blog/zero-result-serps
Published 05/08/18
Sarah Bird, CEO of Moz, shares the development that took place for Link Explorer & its exploration into link data technology. With a new link product launching, Sarah provides insight into why this launch in particular is so meaningful to the Moz team. She discusses risk-taking, resilience, & how Moz's journey unfolds based on outlook and hard choices. Don't miss Sarah's story of a link data journey, and a bonus: the mantras that she swears by! More details on Link Explore here:...
Published 05/01/18
Sha Menz, Onboarding Specialist at Moz, shares her insight about how to handle link penalties. A lot has changed recently on how Penguin handles link spam & Sha describes the various methods to manage your links using Google tools. Learn about Link Penalties, Manual Actions, and Disavow files. Sha also talks about approaching link building & interpreting the value of paid links (hint: they aren't always bad). Google Webmaster Blog helps stay up to date on how Manual Actions are...
Published 04/24/18
Bridget Randolph, a freelance SEO in New York & Chief Strategist at Cavi Consulting, helps us answer important questions about mobile- first indexing. What is the mobile-first Index? How to prepare for it? Are there best practices? Bridget also shares what she has seen work well & what hasn't. If you have clients asking how to optimize their mobile experience, this conversation will help tease out the nuance between design considerations & technical SEO options. Learn about...
Published 04/17/18
Thinking of attending an SEO conference? Britney Muller from Moz is a regular speaker at conferences around the world. She provides an insider view on the biggest SEO conferences, how they differ in size and format, and recommendations on how to take advantage of the experience. Learn about Search Love, MozCon, SMX Advanced, and others. Also, don't miss out on the big news about Britney's pet duck!
Published 04/10/18
Mike Blumenthal, Co-Founder of Get Five Stars & Local SEO Genius, reviews Google’s new Q&A Feature. It came out in late 2017 & shows up on knowledge panel results for local businesses. Mike reviews some of the analysis he has done on Q&A users by industry vertical and shows how businesses can get ahead using his framework. Q&A can provide a great opportunity for agencies by providing value to their clients. The Big Guide to Google's Q&A: bit.ly/2H7J4CY Google's Policy...
Published 04/03/18
Connor Folley is CEO of Downstream (downstreamimpact.com), a Seattle-based technology company focused on helping companies scale their presence on Amazon. Connor joins talks about Amazon Marketing Services (AMS), the large & growing paid advertising channel on the Amazon platform. You will learn all about what AMS is, how it works, & the expected growth of Amazon paid ads. Connor helps us make the connection between SEO & paid channels. He describes when & how companies should...
Published 03/27/18
Eric Enge, founder & CEO of Stone Temple Consulting (stonetemple.com) joins the pod to talk about Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). Page Load Speed is a hot topic in SEO & AMP is one of the methods business owners use to speed up their results. Eric describes what AMP is, how it works, why it's important, & gives a breakdown of the subject. He provides insight into approaching the transition to AMP, as well as whether it's even needed for your site. Related Moz Blog:...
Published 03/20/18
Britney Muller returns to MozPod for another episode of 2Bs in a Pod with host, Brian Childs. 2Bs talk about the latest SEO news and topics, helping you stay up on important trends. In this episode, Britney shares some recent articles about the importance of site speed. Britney has also been trying out Google's new online course about Machine Learning, and shares some of the insights she has gained from that experience.
Published 03/13/18
Aleyda Solis, owner of Orainti consulting (orainti.com), joins host Brian Childs for an insightful deep dive into International SEO. Aleyda describes how to approach International SEO as well as some of the common ways businesses get this practice wrong. We begin by defining terms and illustrating how important cultural context is when optimizing for different languages. I really enjoyed this discussion because of how multi-faceted International SEO is and some of the matter-of-fact insights.
Published 03/06/18
Sherry Bonelli of Early Bird Digital Marketing (earlybirddigitalmarketing.com) has a ton of experience running eCommerce and Local SEO strategy. She shares her perspective on how to make the most of the latest Local SEO features for Google My Business listings. I love Sherry's matter-of-fact perspective & practical guidance. Listen for when Sherry talks about how to organize multiple listings and the importance of having centralized documentation of your listing details.
Published 02/27/18
JR Ridley of GoFishDigital is interviewed by Hayley Sherman about options for implementing HTTPS. Later this year, Google will begin enhancing the identification of sites without security certificates. JR describes the kinds of sites where this will be most impactful and covers three common security certificate options: Traditional HTTPS migration, Lets Encrypt, CloudFlare Flexible SSL. Upcoming Google updates bit.ly/2GuWgQD ; large scale migrations use case bit.ly/2HwFy4R ; Dana DiTomaso...
Published 02/21/18
Britney Muller joins the pod for another episode of "2B's in a Pod" (Britney & Brian ... 2Bs... get it?) where we talk about some current events and topics shaking up the SEO industry. Britney shares a set of in-depth articles from MobileMoxie about how the Internet of Things (IoT) could potentially impact SEO. Britney brings us up to speed on concepts like PWAs, Smart Devices, and Actions. A video recording on this episode is coming soon to YouTube. Here is the article we discuss:...
Published 02/13/18