Chapter 22: You Will Become An Anti-Cool Girl
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The final episode! Rosie spent a lifetime struggling to understand why she wasn't a cool kid, constantly wondering just what she was missing. From her early days trying to hide her poo pants from her sister's friends, to later days doing drugs and pretending to enjoy sex with boys who were terrible at it, she now confesses that she was always fixated on trying to impress everyone around her. Then for a very brief and exhausting moment, Rosie found herself on the inside looking out. That moment then followed with her writing her first book 'The Anti-Cool Girl' and now this series where she has been able to look back on her life with the woman who knows her better than anyone else. This final episode looks back at all that they have spoken about, how it all ties in together and where that leaves Rosie and mum Lisa's relationship from here. 'Mum Says My Memoir Is A Lie - The Live Event' is in Melbourne, Perth and Sydney in April and May. Tickets available now at Based on Rosie Waterland's book 'The Anti-Cool Girl'. Buy it here: Find Rosie on Facebook: Follow Rosie on Instagram: Follow Rosie on Twitter: Find PodcastOne Australia on Facebook: Follow PodcastOne Australia on Instagram: Follow PodcastOne Australia on Twitter: Download the PodcastOne app from the Apple and Google Play app stores
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