Chapter 21: You Will Learn How To Be A Functioning Adult, And Realise You Don't Care About Being A Functioning Adult
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When you're twenty-seven years old and realise that you have no clue how to post a letter, it's obvious something has gone very wrong somewhere along the line. Now that Rosie was out there living on her own as a functioning adult, she realised she didn't know as much as she thought she did about being a functioning adult. She had somehow, against all odds, made it to her late twenties, but there were just some things she had missed along the way. Filling in the missing pieces meant for some very awkward conversations with shop assistants, work colleagues and family members. Rosie and Lisa talk about those things she missed, but Lisa isn't having a bar of some of what Rosie says. 'Mum Says My Memoir Is A Lie - The Live Event' is in Melbourne, Perth and Sydney in April and May. Tickets available now at on Rosie Waterland's book 'The Anti-Cool Girl'. Buy it here: Rosie on Facebook: Rosie on Instagram: Rosie on Twitter: PodcastOne Australia on Facebook: PodcastOne Australia on Instagram: PodcastOne Australia on Twitter: the PodcastOne app from the Apple and Google Play app stores
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The final episode! Rosie spent a lifetime struggling to understand why she wasn't a cool kid, constantly wondering just what she was missing. From her early days trying to hide her poo pants from her sister's friends, to later days doing drugs and pretending to enjoy sex with boys who were...
Published 02/27/18
Published 02/27/18
If Lisa thought there was ever going to be an episode from Rosie's book 'The Anti-Cool Girl' that was going to make her squirm, this is it. This one is about Rosie's more adult escapades: the time she scared a penis back inside itself and the time Rosie went on her first and only Tinder date only...
Published 02/06/18